"The Clock Spinner"

James Firnhaber

This piece began, as most of my pieces do, as a way to push myself. I was hoping to make a striking piece to send out in my next promo, and I realized I did not have any work in my portfolio showing that I could draw architecture. I delight in drawing natural forms; water, trees, especially rocks, but the rigid perspective of buildings had never excited me before.

I began thinking of what kinds of stories I could tell, and the genre of steampunk came to mind. Another void in my portfolio. While worldbuilding, I decided that the scrappy industrial trappings of steampunk would compliment the elegance of gothic cathedrals. As the pieces came together I imagined the story of a daring, young inventor rewinding time to save her city from devastation. This posed the challenge of depicting a character altering time within a single image. After many sketches, I arrived at the idea of a magical machine – gloves that could turn back time like the hands of a clock.

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