" Spin Kiss"

by Janeen Constantino

I created this illustration after seeing a video clip of a dancer from an old tv show called Soul Train here in the US.  I had the idea of making an illustrated animation as soon as I saw it!  I loved the guys’ 70’s suit, the attitude, and his smooth moves so I tried to capture that vibe in an illustration and animation!

I come from a dance background so whenever I see a video or picture of a dancer that catches my eye, I immediately think about how I can capture the mood in illustration.  I try to emphasize the most distinctive parts of the image or video and highlight them through movement or color.  For this illustration, it was the dapper suit the dancer wore, so I recreated it in vivid yellow and pink and gave her bright red hair.  It took 14 frames to make the animated illustration.  As you can see in the last illustration there are 14 pink suits depicted!

It is one of my favorites!

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