"Ramen Cat"

by Isa Pirracas

I often find inspiration in the simplest things in life: the daily routines, walking around the city, my neighborhood… All these simple happenings hide interesting details that I like to catch and transform into my drawings. I usually sketch a lot while I travel on public transport; it’s a calm and productive moment for me in which I’m able to stop and think about all the scenes I’ve seen and written down in my head. That’s why my illustrations always start with pencil and notebook, and it is only later that they evolve into a final work full of details and vivid colors.

At quick glance, anyone could notice that my work has two main themes: animals and food. This has been the case since I was a little girl. From an early age, I was already fond of animals and kitchen stuff. I was obsessed with drawing all kinds of scenes where both subject matters were the central motif. No wonder they still are today, and that’s why I think that this picture is very representative of my work and style.

As a kitchen and gastronomy lover, I’m fascinated with cooking and I love to try new recipes every week if possible. I still vividly remember the day that I visited for the first time the restaurant that many consider the best ramen bar in Madrid. I instantly fell in love with the food, the place, and the ritual that surrounds them. It was in one of the meals I had at this place that the enlightenment came to me and I decided that one of my characters should be enjoying a big bowl of ramen. This simple and colorful scene came to my mind automatically. That’s why I think that it is always a good idea to repeatedly visit the things that you love and find striking in one way or another: a park, a beach, a museum, a library, a restaurant… Inspiration could appear in the most unexpected places!

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