"Super Secure"

by Anne-Sophie Engelhardt

This Illustration is one of my favorite pieces I created in 2021. It was a commissioned work for a magazine, they needed an opener for the main story about how safe the internet and all of our data, password, credit card info, etc. we upload without questioning it too much really is. I thought about how I could visualize complex, digital processes you’d never be able to see.

I always start with a very loose sketch. I never make the sketches too detailed, that way it’s easier for me to let the drawing develop more over the time I’m working on it. The idea that popped into my head while I was thinking about saving our data in Clouds was drawing a „floating in space/ sky“ situation. Even though this is a serious topic I wanted to make it a little bit funnier by personifying a virus or a digital leek and making it a little cliché Thief, like the ones you would see in movies, with a black hat and a black, tight suit, who would sneak into your computer Mission-Impossible-Style.

To not make the „Data Thief“ its job too easy I added a firewall with a big eye that was watching everything all the time and little app-icons like a firewall app or a security alert app. Another aspect I wanted to show was what kind of information we are saving like passwords, fingerprints, or our location information.

The whole idea goes on for the other illustrations for the magazine.
I’m very happy how the idea, the sketch, adding the colors and the realization of the project worked out and supported the articles perfectly. I guess I had so much fun creating this because cyber security is a very important topic and we all should be very careful about what kind of information we share and save online.

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