Hanna Kamienski

Freelance surface pattern designer

Hello! I’m Hanna Kamienski, freelance surface pattern designer, lover of the outdoors, and owner of RebelRu Studio. I am lucky to call Boise, Idaho home, where there is no shortage of mountains to ski, trails to hike, lakes to swim, and forests to explore.

The natural world has always captivated me. I spent my childhood turning over every rock to examine the hidden world underneath, admiring each wildflower that bloomed in my presence, and (attempting to) cuddle any living creature that crossed my path. Through my art, I’ve brought my love for these unexpected delights found in the everyday to life. My work aims to evoke feelings of playful whimsy, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. Moody color palettes, intricate details, and grand abstraction coalesce to tell a story within my patterns.

I appreciate you taking a moment to check out my work, and hope you enjoy it!


Hanna Kamienski

Surface pattern designer

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