Gargi Panwar

Surface pattern designer & illustrator based in Dehradun, India

Hi, I’m Gargi Panwar a self-taught surface pattern designer and illustrator based in Dehradun, a city nestled in the lower Himalayas in India.

My work mostly draws inspiration from nature, historical/traditional art, and some influence of Indian culture. Fantasy floral elements flow instinctively to me and you will find them plenty in my work. That aside, I also enjoy incorporating geometric elements into my design. I work with clean digitally drawn elements or use traditional mediums such as watercolour for a more textured look and sometimes you may see them both in a design. Creating artwork is an immersive experience for me, the style and colours depend on the mood I wish to convey but my overall endeavor is to manifest a beautiful and maximal design to touch the lives of others.

If you feel my work is a good fit for your brand, I will be most happy to discuss licensing, custom work, collaboration or just to connect.

Gargi Panwar

Surface pattern designer & illustrator

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