Erica Catherine

Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer based in Ottawa, Canada

Erica Catherine is a freelance illustrator, surface pattern designer, and Skillshare teacher, based in Ottawa, Canada.

Erica enjoys helping people explore and express their beauty and magic via imaginative, stand-out illustrations. She collaborates on goods and products that connect, secure sales, and inspire brand recognition. She hopes her work will encourage others to surround themselves with art and designs that foster curiosity, connection, innovation, and a sense of wonder or make-believe.

In art and design, Erica believes one must combine elements from the past, the future, and the living to enjoy stunning visuals. She is inspired by what she calls retro, deco, and boho influences – old Hollywood movies and interior design, midcentury modular furniture, ornate line and scroll work, nature, the sea, and anything seemingly not of this world.

She hand draws each piece, playing with line, form, and space to strike a chord between pretty and peculiar. She adds colourful painterly textures in a warm nostalgic palette.

Erica Catherine

Illustrator & Surface Pattern Designer

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