"Stay home"

by Elena González

It’s been two months of lockdown since this new reality began. The first days of quarantine, I decided to join the #stayhome movement by making these two illustrations, as a way of motivating myself to fulfill the quarantine and as an invitation to others to be responsible. Moreover, I wanted to show solidarity with the situation we are living in.

When the lockdown started we didn’t know very well what we were facing. Knowing that I was going to be locked up for an indefinite period of time, the first thing I thought about was my cat Ulises, whom I lost a few months ago. This illustration is a tribute to his company, because when I think of the warmth of home, the presence of a cat always comes to my mind. These days have made me realize that we should learn from them, from their temperance, from their tranquillity to face the changes. And because I miss his company every day.

During all these weeks I have gone through different moods, swinging like a pendulum. Sometimes I feel the walls are narrower, I lose the sense of space and time, I don’t know how many days have passed if it wasn’t for the news, or my family and friends. I think of the astronauts gravitating in space, far from the Earth, being distorted by the laws of physics. This is where the idea of the second illustration/animation came from and this two months of lockdown have given even more meaning to it.

But life still goes on. Nature takes its course, quiet (I’m happy about this), birds build nests, sap runs inside the trees, spring is carried into winter, while we, oblivious to all that, wait, dreaming of being able to participate again.

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