Dana Ďuričeková

Designer from Slovakia

Hi! I’m Dana, I am a designer from Slovakia. I have a diploma in product design and experience working with products, graphic design, and patterns. I would describe my patterns as modern and infused with sophistication and creativity. My style goes from bold and fun to elegant and bohemian. I have a variety of designs including abstract, nature-based, or seasonal motifs. My inspiration comes from diverse sources, my favorite remains nature. I pay a lot of attention to a nice repeat flow and a balanced color palette. I love working with colors and textures and use a lot of hand sketching when creating the patterns.

I’m a believer in creative expression and I want to bring joy and inspire creativity with my work. I am experienced in working with a client brief and I have a portfolio of designs available for licensing.
If you are looking for a modern and original design, I will be happy to discuss your project!


Dana Ďuričeková


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