"Tarasque and Friends"

Clara W. Dudley

This piece is from a show entitled Menagerie. Within the walls of the menagerie are many strange and wonderful creatures. They were collected from the edges of the earth and brought into one place for all to view. Some are small and docile, content with their captivity. Others are large and ferocious, bored and eager to escape.

I have always had great difficulty expressing my feelings. I bottle them up and don’t acknowledge them until they escape and cause problems. Some are harmless and benign, like a flower or a butterfly. Others are festering and painful, like a viscous tarasque, eagerly waiting to break free. Feelings, memories and desires are separated, contained and secured, however, one mishap and something could get loose.

I was introduced to textile art at a very young age. I started with knitting but found it wasn’t a good medium for pictorial work. Eventually, I discovered needlepoint and liked the illustrative potential. The process is very time consuming, but gives me plenty of time to refine and perfect the image along the way.

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