"We Make It Rain"

by Chi Michalski

When I created “We make it rain” the main theme occupying my mind was “friendships”. What makes people become friends? Why do we become friends with certain kinds of people? I was especially intrigued by seemingly unusual pairings: Misfits becoming friends.

First I drew the concept of a city and tribal girls hanging out as a 2D illustration. I liked it enough to print, frame and hang it in my home. Seeing it every day, in turn, inspired the idea to turn it into a 3D render. I collaborated with Quba Michalski to create this final (for now) version.

The initial illustration had just two characters, so we decided to add three little planter-like creatures to make the scene more alive.

So, that’s where “We make it rain” came from and where it is now. In the future, I may revisit it again and who knows – maybe turn it into a VR experience or an animatronic?

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