Chile 2019

by Amaël Isnard

Every time I visit a country, instead of a travel diary, I make a big illustration out of my memories from the trip (for example, the crocodiles and cigars in Cuba, the giant Buddhas in Thailand, the Swedish summer parties).

During my last trip in January, I went to visit Chile (with Julie, my half-Chilean girlfriend). We saw penguins, ate delicious avocados, and climbed a smoking volcano.
On the spot, I did many drawings in my sketchbook. The people, the local food, the volcanos, the penguins. I came back to Paris and did a series of coloured illustrations out of it. And eventually, I made a large composition of all drawings together, got it printed as a big poster and now I can hang it in my living room, as a big souvenir-illustration of my trip there.

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