Ulrika Jarl

Swedish Illustrator & Surface pattern designer

I’m Ulrika Jarl, a Swedish illustrator and surface pattern designer living and working in England. My background is in ceramics and 3D design and I have a wide knowledge of creating a range of products. I have a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Design and I am interested in ways we can make products better for people and the planet.
My inspiration comes from the natural world, looking at the detail and structure of how plants grow; the rhythm and repetition of form. My favourite thing to draw is bold botanical motifs with movement and intricate detail.
Linework is a strong element in my drawings. I would describe my style as detailed, bold, and versatile, working across a number of applications from interior textiles and wallpaper to gift wrap and stationery.

I would love to hear from you about potential projects, licensing opportunities, and collaborations.


Ulrika Jarl

Illustrator & Surface pattern designer

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