"Whipped Cream Cloud"

Sonya Rakhimzhanova

My name is Soya and I’m an illustrator. In my environment, inspiration is something sacred. A lot of people believe that without this, a priori, nothing would happen.
In my opinion, the meaning of inspiration is exaggerated, and the concept itself is romanticized. What is inspiration? Where to look for him?
Over time, I learned to draw no matter what. My performance does not depend on health and strength from outside. Of course, there are days when work on a drawing goes easily and naturally, like clockwork. Ideas arise one after another but it is not inspiration that helps me in this, but observation of the environment, people, architecture. So for example that’s how this cloud was born.
I sat at home and at one point looked out the window and a huge cloud was forming in the sky, similar to whipped cream. I went to the balcony and watched the transformation of the cloud until it disappeared. It was very beautiful and calm. During the observations I took pictures on the iPad. After viewing the frames the drawing was born by itself, and this is my favorite drawing recently.
In conclusion, I want to say that inspiration is everywhere. Watch and create!

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