Rebecca Elfast

Pattern designer & illustrator from Gothenburg, Sweden

Hello! I am a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator from Gothenburg, Sweden.

I started out my professional life as an architect but made the switch to running a freelance studio more than a decade ago and never looked back. My life has always been full of doodling, drawing, and painting, from early childhood through to recent times. I never go anywhere without my sketchbook and am constantly bombarded with new and interesting ideas demanding my attention. I am constantly learning new techniques and trying to actively evolve my art.

I employ a versatile mix of handmade and digital techniques to produce my work. I love to paint with watercolor, gouache, and inks or doodle in my sketchbook but I also rely on digital media to take me that extra distance when needed, which is extra useful when it comes to the more technical aspects of surface pattern design.

I am heavily inspired by things I see in nature and everyday life but also a frequent traveler of my rich inner world.

My work is recognizable by its strong shapes, painterly textures, and its colorful, happy vibe. I get such joy from creating and I hope that shines through strongly when looking at what I do.

I am available for licensing and collaborations, do not hesitate to contact me if you find my work a good match!

Rebecca Elfast

Pattern Designer & Illustrator

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