Nadia Resta

Illustrator & Surface designer based in Milan, Italy

I’m Nadia Resta, an illustrator and surface designer based in Milan, Italy.

After many years of experimenting with different techniques, such as oil painting portraits or watercolor urban sketching, I found digital illustration to be the place where I can truly express myself and push the limits of my bright and intense color palette.

Since 2020 I found my perfect niche in editorial illustration and surface design for interior decoration: when I see my art published in a poster or a magazine,
and my patterns printed on a wallpaper or a rug, I feel like a found my place in the world.

I’m attending a Master’s in Editorial and Advertising illustration based in Barcelona.

I love to work with international brands as I’m fluent in English, French, and Spanish.

Nadia Resta

Illustrator & Surface designer

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