"Enchanted forest"

by Masha Manapov

Originally, this illustration was created for a commissioned job for a magazine, yet eventually, we went with another option. Most of the time, my work is very concept-driven as I always look for an additional message or subtext that I can communicate through the piece. This one, as well, was part of a series of three images for an article about cross-generational exchange of wealth, values, infrastructure, and natural resources as something that society inherits from its predecessors. It portrays the gradual process of a seed on its way to become a tropical garden and the amount of time and labour it requires. But now, when viewed in isolation, the artwork loses its original meaning and is free from any emotional value.

I wanted to try to do some good in this manic time and decided to give it another life. In a mission to raise some money for a cause I care deeply about, the illustration was “reborn” in the form of a limited print edition. All profits from each sale go directly to a dog rescue where I have been volunteering since the pandemic started. I hope that people might find some contempt by looking at this piece and will enjoy sharing it as a gift with their loved ones.

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