Marina Montero

Freelance Illustrator from the north-east of Spain

Marina Montero is a freelance illustrator from the northeast of Spain. Using a combination of traditional and digital mediums, Marina creates warm and joyful illustrations, sometimes with a touch of humor, characterized by bold lines and rich colors. Her illustrations aim to connect with audiences of all ages. Marina is a versatile illustrator, creating illustrations for various purposes and working both for digital and print media. She often draws inspiration from the mundane and is fascinated by rural life, especially the “pueblos” of Spain and their “abuelos”.

Marina is also passionate about science and seeks to simplify complex subjects through humor and playfulness in her illustrations. She enjoys working on projects for dissemination of knowledge and related to environmental issues. She obtained a Special Mention at the Serpa International Award for Picturebooks in 2023 with a short book about classical mechanics.

Marina Montero


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