by Lidia Cao

This illustration was born as a result of everything that is happening in the world at the moment with the situation of the Covid-19. After seeing data and more data, news on television, lies on the Internet, people arguing about absurd topics and giving importance to things they really don’t have it.
All this inspired me to make this illustration to portray that the true virus grows within ourselves. We throw more harmful things out of our mouths than many other viruses. We are not yet aware of all that entails. We don’t think the things, we don’t reflect.
We believe that we are “the all-seeing eye”, trained to judge anyone and how we want.
My idea is to make people reflect, what is the real problem?
The greatest source of infection is within ourselves, but we never learn.
So I focus on the transmitting power of the human gaze. Make value what really matters. Be self-critical and face the consequences.

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