by Jesus Velazquez

This piece “2323” was inspired by space exploration, the current situation of global warming, and the idea of the migration of humanity moving on to another planet, but in this case, we come back to earth in the year 2323, hence the name of the piece. The astronaut is holding a vintage camera, which represents my love for photography that blossomed when I took the class in college. It may seem odd that an astronaut in the future is holding a 300-year-old piece of technology, but even now I still use them and so do other people, so why can’t some astronaut from the future? The sunflowers represent the small town where I live, every spring around the cornfields sunflowers bloom and become the perfect spots to go and take pictures.

The style was inspired by 1940’s ink illustrations and comics. It was the first time that I experimented with this vintage style, I didn’t try replicating anything, mostly textures, desaturated colors and the retro feel combined with the linework I already work with. I’ve always liked experimenting with different styles and mediums and this one has stuck with me ever since.

I suggest if you’re looking to get inspired, try experimenting with other art mediums or try something new like photography, making music, writing, take a walk, etc. or maybe just play around with other styles and getting out of your comfort zone. It’s different for everyone and there are many ways to get inspired, even doing absolutely nothing and just letting your mind wander works.

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