Giuliana Marigliano

Neapolitan illustrator living in Gran Canaria

Hi, I’m Giuliana Marigliano and I’m a Neapolitan illustrator living in Gran Canaria.
After graduating in New Technologies for Art at the Brera Academy in Milan, I moved to the Little Island of the Atlantic Ocean where I currently work as a freelancer.
I love telling the world in my own way, a grotesque and surreal world.
My greatest inspirations are couples, those engaged in their role-playing games, and those who escape pain and pleasure. My favorite characters are awkward and so melancholy that they make you want to hug them. And of course hearts everywhere.

My favorite part of my creative process is when, once the sketch is finished, I try to recreate a story around the characters (similar to when you stare at people and try to imagine who they are, what they do in their lives, etc. ..) I rarely draw something that cannot be read and interpreted, a faithful or realistic representation does not reflect my way of being and working. I have a head with lots of hair and in the clouds.

Giuliana Marigliano


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