Geetanjali Behera

Artist, Illustrator & Pattern Designer based in Goa, India

Hello! I’m Geetanjali, an artist, illustrator, surface pattern designer, and thangka painter based in Goa, the beautiful southwestern coast of India.

I have been working as a freelance fashion illustrator for almost 10 years. I specialize in creating technical drawings, coloring book illustrations, graphic prints, surface patterns, and more.
As a self-taught surface pattern designer I tend to experiment a lot with my technical skills to get the best results in the smartest way possible. Even though I am a tech geek, I love traditional mediums equally and that is why you will see a wide range of styles in my artwork.
I love to travel and explore new places and cultures but I am also strongly attached to my roots, so you might find a subtle Indian touch in my work. I am passionate about creating detailed, colorful, and beautifully composed patterns.

Thank you for checking out my work! Please contact me if you are interested in art licensing or collaboration and would like to see my portfolio of available designs.

Geetanjali Behera

Artist, Illustrator & Pattern Designer

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