Ester Bernaldo de Quirós

Surface Pattern Designer based in Spain

Hello, my name is Ester (or Ester Muxune for my artwork). I am a self-taught surface pattern designer based in a small town in the north of Spain.

Since I was a child I loved to draw and do any kind of craft. However, and I don’t regret it, I studied Biology and spent some years doing research on primate behavior while living in countries such as Argentina, Madagascar, and Germany. I discovered pattern design when I took a sewing course. As I couldn’t find local fabric stores the prints I wanted for my clothes I learned how to design patterns.

I love bright colors and giving my designs a fun and playful touch. Because of my background, they are often inspired by the great diversity that is found in the animal and natural world but I also enjoy creating geometric patterns.

As a sewing enthusiast, when I design I think especially of patterns for fabric and textiles. Two years ago I launched my own fabric brand, Muxune, a small home-based business where I sell swimwear and sportswear fabrics to sewing lovers like me.

I am open to collaborations and art licensing.

Ester Bernaldo de Quirós

Surface Pattern Designer

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