by Elena De Santi

When I created this Illustration the main theme occupying my mind was “Power ”. “The Feeling of the power that comes from focusing on your passion.” From this came up the title of the picture. It was made as a personal piece during a Sunday off eventually spending time on my own things.  That day I was a bit angry with my situation, I wanted to change it for a better one with all my heart when suddenly, I saw a portrait of a woman with fire all over it that caught my attention.

Actually, I had no idea how it was going to look like in the end, I only remember that I wanted to transmit the feelings and sensation I had inside of my mind. I was totally ready, and I was confident with myself to make a change. I wanted this picture to become a memo for myself of all the efforts and hard work I have been through to get my goals.

The fire is the most important element for me, it represents the opportunity, the mystery, the awareness of the future and finally, its warmth means the concept of hope.

The woman is watching the fire struggling and fighting in a symbolic way. I also decided to leave the image some space to breath, overloading it with more elements would damage the focus on the character and her feelings.

I remember trying to feel out textures for hair, I dedicated some time to the colour palette in order to achieve more strength. The combination of pink, orange and a bit of green spread was a perfect match because it gives the illustration a positive appearance and conveys a good mood.

This illustration started as a rough sketch on my sketchbook and then I finished it on my laptop in digital.

Having no limits helps me to find inspiration and it can be a great input to start a personal project. I normally enjoy the process of each piece connecting with myself during the process and pull down boundaries to overcome them.

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