by Diana Barbu

The “Anxiety” illustration emerged from deep inside in a period where my dear ones, my online fellow illustrators and even myself have experienced anxiety induced by social media. Questions like: “am I still relevant?”, “am I good enough?”, “does my work serve any purpose?” have been troubled me ever since I decided to do this as a full-time job.

I’ve been listening to tens of podcasts & confessions, read articles & stories about this issue which all have confirmed that this is a natural step in every creative’s path and that is important to support ourselves by opening up about our deepest fears and conquer them.

To reflect the state of anxiety and fear I used cold colours and subtle grungy textures. I love to draw plants in my work and to use them as symbolic or mystical elements. In this case, the dots around the white flowers along with the body language and the eyes pattern on the coat are creating the perfect atmosphere that I envisioned.
My character is revealing so much of her inner self through body posture, eyes and dark circles that there is no need for explanation.

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