Cheryl Epstein

Pattern Designer & Illustrator from Isle of Man

Cheryl Epstein is an artist residing on the captivating Isle of Man, where her creativity is nurtured by both nature’s beauty and her passion for art. Her unwavering dedication to intertwining these passions speaks to her strong belief in their collective potential to foster positive mental health.

Having experienced life on both sides of the Atlantic in the US and the UK, she brings a rich and diverse perspective to her work.

Central to Cheryl’s artistic vision is the creation of whimsical illustrations and patterns that capture the essence of bygone eras. Her designs evoke nostalgia and playfulness, encapsulating cherished memories in visual form.

With vibrant colors and a playful aesthetic, Cheryl’s digital creations infuse life into each project. Her collaborations with renowned brands like T-Mobile, Lush Cosmetics, and Hearts & Science showcase her dedication to excellence.

Through her art, Cheryl crafts a tapestry of life’s delightful moments, aiming to evoke warmth, familiarity, and unbridled joy—a tribute to the enduring enchantment that art brings to the world.

Cheryl Epstein

Pattern Designer & Illustrator

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