Illustration collection

Becca Lettice

Ever since a young age, I have always loved cute things. I have early memories of happily copying the box art from VHS tapes, helping my Mum paint Disney characters onto the walls of my old bedroom and drawing pictures of anyone who would let me. When I was older I became fascinated by video games after receiving a Playstation one for Christmas. I was amazed by the vivid and immersive worlds, along with the cute characters that lived there. I still enjoy the escapism and inspiration that video games provide me to this day.

While studying illustration and graphic design at University, I played with things like mark making, layering and effects to add texture, making my work more engaging. I was introduced to printing techniques such as lino print, screen print and etching which I loved instantly. Since discovering Procreate, I enjoy experimenting and incorporate these techniques and styles into my illustrations.

I get my inspiration from a wide range of things including graphic design, bright colours, animals, video games and music. I’m always taking photos of things that catch my eye, even if it’s just typography on an old sign or a cool texture on the street. Sometimes ideas just pop into my head and I’ll quickly sketch them on a notepad before I forget. More commonly, I will let my mind run free and experiment with different techniques and styles, playing around until I have created something fun.

These are a few recent illustrations. Some were created from a prompt list for Inktober and others from experimenting. I enjoy drawing cute characters that could fit into a bright and charming world and want to create work that brings happiness to myself and others.

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