Anzela Simcock

Latvian Australian surface pattern designer

Hello from sunny Cairns, Australia. My name is Anzela (Anzela Simcock Designs), nice to see you. Here is a little information about me.

As a Latvian Australian surface pattern designer, I find inspiration in the cultural richness of my heritage, the vibrant landscape of Australia, and personal likes and experiences. My designs blend traditional and non-traditional motifs with mixed contemporary aesthetics to create patterns that spread joy, fun, and kindness. I like using a variety of colours and pattern styles. My design methods are very intuitive. Whether designing for fashion or home d├ęcor, I aim to create both playful and serious patterns that celebrate diversity and reflect the beauty of the world around us. Ultimately, my goal is to provide happiness and joy through my designs and inspire others to be kind and creative in their own lives. I hope you enjoy my examples and if you want to follow my journey you can find me on Instagram.

I am very open to collaborations, licensing, and other requests. Thank you!

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Anzela Simcock

Surface Pattern Designer

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