Ameesha Lee

Illustrator & Art Director

Hello! G’day. My name is Ameesha Lee and I am an illustrator and art director who also dabbles in motion design. I love a good cup of tea, connecting with other lovely creatives, and getting lost in sketching! After working as a graphic designer for many years I recently went full-time freelance for illustration and haven’t looked back! I love working on a diverse range of projects from editorial illustrations, to film and TV work and brand projects. I love it all!

I grew up on the sunny beaches of Western Australia and spent hours swimming, camping, and playing in rock pools in the glorious Aussie outdoors. This has definitely influenced my illustration style and I’m often sneaking in some form of nature or taking inspiration from it in my work. I particularly love creating vibrant, conceptual, and emotive imagery for projects or brands that are making the world a bit better of a place with their storytelling and creativity!

Ameesha Lee

Illustrator & Art director

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