Flyleaf illustrations

by Aliz Buzas

I’ve loved books and been collecting them since I was a child. If I travel somewhere I always visit local bookshops – I’m searching for anything inspirational. I’ve also been wishing about creating book illustrations for a long time but somehow those kind of jobs have never found me.
I always thought of it as a challenge to visualize the meaning and feeling of a book. Creating a drawing about the book’s essence or the emotion I personally associate with it interests me more than an actual cover illustration.

I believe it’s important to always find time for personal / passion projects between jobs and I figured I should materialize my love for books as one of these.
But for a long time I just couldn’t come up with a fitting idea. Then one night I was holding a novel I’ve already read before and I recognized I couldn’t take my eyes off of the flyleaf at the beginning of the book. I felt that I must draw something THERE.

Following my heureka moment I picked seven books from my bookshelf which all have a particular meaning for me (I got it from an important person, I associate a good memory to it or it reminds me of a special period of my life) and just started filling up their flyleafs with drawings. That’s how this series started.
The style of the drawings differ book by book just as the emotions I’m associating with them. Although as a personal project this is considered done and is shared online I believe it will never end truly – I found a new canvas to play on!

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