"Bhau Beej"

Aditi Kakade

I am an Indian artist living abroad and away from my family. I feel the need sometimes to express my culture and it’s tradition through my art.

Few weeks ago it was the festival of Diwali. I wanted to create something for an the event happening during Diwali called “Bhau Beej” . ( an Indian tradition where we celebrate brothers and sisters. The brother promises to take care and protect his sister.) But since I don’t have a brother I celebrate it with my cousin brother and many of my cousin sisters. We give each other gifts and promise to protect our only cousin brother. (Lol) So as a gift to all my sweet cousins I created this art.

I am very inspired by folk art. Indian art will use colors in its own and recognizable way. I added my own twists with Indian motifs and elements. The sentence Bhau Beej is written in devnagri script (the original script of many Indian languages). It brings me great joy to share roots with my friends/ acquaintances and fellow artists around the world.

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