Where to Buy Hedgehog Art Prints – a Collection of illustrations

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Where to Buy Hedgehog Art Prints – a Collection of illustrations

Here you’ll find a collection of hedgehog prints & posters you can buy online, the most adorable hedgehog illustrations from artists around the world. My favorite fluffy, cute, spikey and round hedgehog drawings from a variety of different shops & artists.

Click the images to head over to the store that’s selling that print. You’ll be supporting the artists behind the prints with each purchase that you make.

Also don’t miss out on the interview with the illustrator, Ana Aranda further down the page.

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Where to buy Hedgehog prints

Interview with Ana Aranda

Tells us about you & your work

I am an artist focusing in illustration for the children’s market. My art is inspired in nature, the colors of my native Mexico, music and childhood memories.
I have illustrated children’s books in France, Italy and in the US I’ve illustrated “The Chupacabra Ate the Candelabra” (Paulsen/Penguin Books), “Our Celebración!” (Lee & Low Books) and I’m currently working in a book that I’m both writing and illustrating. I’ve also created murals, art for galleries (currently preparing for a very exciting group show at Spoke Art, with whom I’ve collaborated since 2015), greeting cards and all kinds of exciting projects.
You can find more about my work at www.anaranda.com

What was the inspiration behind your hedgehog illustration?

This piece belongs to the series “Animaginary Landscapes” that I created for a solo show I had at Tr!ckster Gallery in Berkeley in 2015.

All the pieces are created with pigments and acrylics on canvas or wood. In these paintings, I mix the concepts of San Francisco’s landmarks/architecture with animals.

There is, for example, the Golden Gate Whale, the Palace of Fine Arts Elephant, Chinatown Squid, North Beach Sloth, etc. The Muir Woods Hedgehog is inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounds San Francisco and the shape and cuteness of hedgehogs.

What’s the key to draw an adorable hedgehog?

I like having fun figuring out how the different values in the different parts of a hedgehog can be used to incorporate visual texture and floral elements.
Jonas Welin

Jonas Welin

Jonas is a Sculptor & Designer from Sweden. He has a strong liking towards everything cute & colourful, somethings that’s also quite clear when looking at his work. Jonas is the creator and writer for Creativehowl, and he loves to share his own research as an artist with the readers of creativehowl.