Buy beautiful Fox Illustrations & Prints online directly from the Artists

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Buy beautiful Fox Illustrations & Prints online directly from the Artists

In this buyer’s guide I’ll be showing you a handful of fox illustrations in different styles made by independent artist from around the world that you can buy online.

Worth noting is that you’ll support the artist behind the art by buying these products, for most online stores in this list each sale will get the artist around 20% of the sale price, and if you’re buying a print though a Etsy shops all the money will go directly to the artist.

If you have any suggestions of your own feel free to share them at the comment section at the bottom of the page.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, if you make a purchase through some of the links Creativehowl will earn a small commission from that sale.

Buy Fox illustrations

Fox & Squirrel by Sophie Corrigan

Sophie Corrigan is an artist illustrator from Lancashire, England.

Her adorable Fox and squirrel print is current being sold on Redbubble, and as it is with most Redbubble products there’s plenty of other merchandise to buy this illustration on, like clothing, mugs, stickers and posters.




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Sophie Corrigan

If you want to follow more of Sophie Corrigan's work you can do so on Instagram or check out her website, both links can be find below.

Fox sleeping in flowers by Linn Warme

Linn Warme is a Pattern Designer and artist from Sweden with a love for nature and it’s creatures. This is her lovely illustration of a fox sleeping in flowers. It’s available over at Redbubble in a lot of different ways, anything from prints to t-shirts, phone cases and many other products.

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Linn Warme

If you want to see more of Linn Warme's work check out her Instagram & portfolio below.

Fox in cactus Forest by Budi Kwan

Behind the next fox print we find Budi Kwan who’s a illustrators from Indonesia (also know as Radiomode online). It’s a fox taking a walk in the desert with the sun and a bunch of cactus in the background, the print has a nice texture which gives it a hand drawn feeling.

This illustration is available on Design By Humans on t-shirts and on mugs, link down below.

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Budi Kwan

Budi Kwan

If you want to find more of Budi Kwan's work you can check out his portfolio for more illustrations and other work.

The Owl and the Fox by Mary Yefremova

Mary Yefremova (also known as maryquiZe) is a digital artist from Ukraine. She has a great love for animals which can easily be spotted in her work.

The Owl and Fox print is available on Design by humans and can be bought as a art print, on clothing and much more.



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Mary Yefremova

Mary Yefremova

For more work by Mary check out her Facebook page where you'll find art, news and also prints from her own Etsy shop.

Drinking Fox print by Richard Smythe

Richard Smythe is a British illustrator that makes these adorable and colourful animal drawings. This might be my favourite fox print of them all just because the whole picture tells such a strong story, it feels like a scene out of a graphic novel.

Buy it directly from Richard’s own Etsy shop and support the artist behind the work!

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Richard Smythe

Check out more of Richard Smythe's work over at Instagram and his website.

Little Fox art print by Amy Hamilton

Amy Hamilton is a graphic designer & illustrator based in Kingston, Canada.

Here we have a illustration of a insanely cute baby fox drawn in a mixture of traditional and digital mediums.

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Amy Hamilton

Find more adorable animal illustrations and much more over at Amy Hamilton's portfolio and Instagram.

Night Fox Art print by Julianna Swaney

Julianna Swaney is a freelance illustrator, designer, and fine artist from Portland, United States.

This art print is available for purchase over at Society6, it’s also possible to order it on a mug if you want your morning coffee to be extra lovely.

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Julianna Swaney

Julianna Swaney

For more illustration work by Julianna Swaney you can check out her Instagram and online portfolio.

Space Foxes by Maike Vierkant

Maike Vierkant is a German artist and illustrator that made these super cute astronaut foxes that’s floating in space.

The space foxes are sold on Society6 and can be bought on a bunch of different products like art prints, shirts and bags.

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Maike Vierkant

Maike Vierkant

For more illustration work from Maike Vierkant you can check out her Instagram and website.

Fox art print by Neil Thompson

Neil Thompson is an artist from United Kingdom. This fox art print can be found in his own Etsy shop, that means you’re buying it directly from the artist (link can be found below).

A fantastic bonus when purchasing this print is that 10% proceeds from the sale is being donated to the National Fox Welfare Society.

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Neil Thompson

For more of Neil Thompson's work check out his website & instagram (links below)

Jonas Welin

Jonas Welin

Jonas is a Sculptor & Designer from Sweden. He has a strong liking towards everything cute & colourful, somethings that’s also quite clear when looking at his work. Jonas is the creator and writer for Creativehowl, and he loves to share his own research as an artist with the readers of creativehowl.