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Awesome Merchandise Business cards Review – Print on demand

By 23 March, 2020August 16th, 2020Reviews

Awesome Merchandise Business cards Review – Print on demand

As an artists getting good prints is so important but it’s not always the easiest task, there’s so many companies dealing with print and plenty of them have some questionable practises when it comes to pricing their products, which can be confusing to say the least.

The main reason I choose to give Awesome Merchandise a chance for order buissness cards was because how they clearly state what the price, what’s include and no hidden fees.

This is my review for Awesome merchandise’s business cards (from an artists perspective).

This is NOT a paid/sponsored review

awesome merchandise review


When I first was looking for a company to print my business cards I looked for local companies online, I found a few with reasonable prices and I started the ordering process with uploading my files to their service. But what happened time after time when trying different services was that halfway through additional fees was about to appear, you had to pay extra for full-colour, extra for front and back design.

I got so tired of these shady pricing practices that I started looking for companies outside of my country, that’s when I found Awesome Merchandise, which I come in contact before with winning their Free sticker Friday contest in the past.

Setting up art for print

The first step when ordering is to get your files ready for print. There’s clear instruction how to set up your art work (size, dpi & stuff like that). I used their Photoshop template to get the right dimensions for my file so that no important part of my design would get cut.

I also got the option if I wanted different designs on front and back, something that wasn’t included in the standard price on other printing services I tried.

business card template
Business Cards Deal


I went with their 400gsm board business cards, at the time of ordering they had a deal for 100 cards at £5 (~$5.8), full color, designs on both sides and shipping included. Sure that was a special deal but that was a crazy good deal!

Another huge plus is that you can order any amount (minimum 100 cards), on other printing services I would have to order a lot of cards to get a reasonable price, the more you order the cheaper it gets, that’s not the case with Awesome Merchandise, order as many as you need for a fixed price, perfect for an artists like me that has a small budget. If you want different designs you could even order different sets of cards for no additional cost.


I live in Sweden and Awesome merchandise is in the UK (they also have a shop in USA), this made me a bit hesitate because I was in a bit of a hurry to get new business cards for a upcoming event, and I couldn’t wait too long for shipping. They offer free shipping for the whole EU so I decided to go for it anyway.


Here’s where I bumped into some problem. Somehow they got my contact info wrong when I placed my order and my last name got lost. This of course created problems and long delays on my order, the post office didn’t know where the package should be delivered. I could track my order and I could see that the deliver from the UK to Sweden actually was really fast, but that it got severely delayed just because they missed to include my full name.

I contacted Awesome merchandise support and they tried their best to help me, but to my frustration there wasn’t much they could do. After around 18 days I finally could get the hold of my order with the help of support that directed me to the Swedish post office online.

The shipping wasn’t a great experience and at the same time I can understand how this all was caused by one simple error.

The products

The order came in a simple cardboard box packed full with my business cards, and I couldn’t be happier! I order the 400gsm board cards so they’re quite thick and combined with the matte laminate finish it gives them a great quality feeling.

The colors are bright and vibrant, just like the files I uploaded for the order. Both the back and front are printed and the print quality is great, even up close. The Cards been cut nicely so there’s nothing of the print or text that has disappeared.

business card front - jonas welin
card quality

The cards have a great “boink” when flicked.


I couldn’t be more satisfied with my business cards and I defiantly would recommend Awesome Merchandise for any artist looking for printed merch. The quality for the price I paid is just fantastic, and it’s also a breath of fresh air with a company that feels honest and proud of the products they manufacture. It’s clear that they know their audience is small creative business and they know how to create a service that caters to their needs, with the possibility for small orders and free shipping.

Hopefully, they won’t mess up the order info for anyone ells as they did for me, it’s most defiantly the reason why my shipment got such a long delay and looking at the tracking info it should have been a speedy delivery otherwise.

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